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Crescent Heights House

Crescent Heights House is Los Angeles' best luxury sober living environment, located right in heart of West Hollywood.

Sweeping balconies. Rich hardwood floors. A rolling backyard, with guest house. Formerly an artist's West Hollywood refuge, our flagship Crescent Heights House sober living home is a luxurious space for recovery. You won't find a better option for West Hollywood sober living in Los Angeles.

Within, this fully furnished sober living home offers comfort, impeccable detailing, and plenty of communal space. Modern art pieces bring allure and sophistication to every room, and a grand piano is the perfect practice instrument for the musically inclined. With four bedrooms in the main house and a spacious loft in the guest house, Crescent Heights House's West Hollywood sober living accommodates up to 10 residents at a time, including a house manager and an assistant house manager. Take a stroll down bustling Melrose, and you'll find restaurants, grocery and drug stores, recovery meetings, a 24-hour gym, and public transportation.

The resident community in Crescent Heights House sober living is low-key and tightly bonded. Residents respect and support each other in a healthy group dynamic and come together to reflect during daily meetings. Crescent Heights House is staffed by managers with calm and collected leadership skills, and a solid core of sober residents provides grounding so you can make your life yours again.

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