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Highland House

Beautiful, spacious, and built just for you. Highland House is the recovery home of your dreams.

Beautiful and spacious. Exquisitely appointed. Highland House is the multi-million dollar home of your dreams. Located in the historic and affluent Hancock Park neighborhood of West Hollywood, Highland House is not your typical recovery residence. With its spacious bedrooms, huge picture windows, and light and airy decor, you'll find a real reason to call Highland House your new home. Built in 1928 and meticulously maintained, our newly-remodeled home houses up to ten residents in its four spacious bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

Located on Highland Avenue in West Hollywood, Highland House is within walking distance of the business districts along La Brea Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard. World-renowned shopping, dining, entertainment, 24-hour gyms, and even yoga studios are within the distance your feet can take you. Highland House has lots of parking for your personal vehicle, but is also just feet from the nearest public transportation routes.

The resident community in Highland House sober living is low-key and tightly bonded. Residents respect and support each other in a healthy group dynamic and come together to reflect during daily meetings. Highland House is staffed by managers with calm and collected leadership skills, and a solid core of sober residents provides grounding so you can make your life yours again.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab your favorite novel, and relax. You're home.

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Karuna Recovery Residences offers caring homes, honest relationships, and structure and accountability supporting a life worth living—one rewarding day at a time.

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