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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:28

Why is Sober Living So Important in Early Recovery?

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Let’s face it, overcoming addiction is perhaps the most difficult thing you have had to do in your life so far. Statistics show that only about 10% of people who go through treatment centers will remain sober for five years. Effective treatment, along with a long-term plan that includes sober living, counseling, and 12-step meetings, increases the likelihood of five-year sobriety to nearly 60%.

At Karuna Recovery Residences, we believe that the purpose of sober living is to help people in recovery to not only learn how to live clean and sober, but find success and happiness in their sobriety as well. Often, it is not a good idea for someone new in recovery to return home, where friends and family members who are still struggling with addiction may still live. Additionally, family members are not typically able to provide the care and accountability needed ensure growth in an individual’s recovery. Karuna Recovery provides people with a stable home where they can live with other recovering addicts and alcoholics as they build their recovery “toolbox” and put the skills they’ve learned into action in the real world.

Sober living homes can be fun! At Karuna Recovery, we work hard to ensure that our sober living homes are places of comradery and structured support. This gives residents a foundation of hope and self-worth, playing a huge role in long-term addiction recovery.

During your stay at Karuna Recovery, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in counseling and outpatient programs, where many problems can be worked out during the transition from a treatment center or otherwise active addiction. Karuna Recovery residents not only draw support from the staff, but also from each other as they work through obstacles in their new sober lives.

Karuna Recovery offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities for the newly clean or sober individual that will support your long term sobriety. If you’re questioning whether sober living is right for you, or you would like more information about one of our sober living homes, please call us at (800) 563-1215 or visit our website at www.karunarecovery.com.

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